Villas originated from a Roman country house, which were built for the upper class. In accordance to ‘Pliny the Elder’, two types of villas existed: the villa urbana – a country seat that would easily be reached from Rome (or from another city) for a couple of nights; and, the villa rustica – the farm-house estate that was permanently occupied by servants who were given the general charge.

For the home of many, Spain has one of the finest selections of villas for sale; namely Mallorca (Majorca).

Mallorca boasts its facts about being the largest of the Balearic Islands. It’s landscape physiognomy provokes a characterized diverse land rich with cultural heritage.

In comparison to most parts of Spain, Mallorca consists of villas for sale which tend to be more expensive due to the limited size of the island. It is however still a possibility to be able to purchase villas for a price which would be eminently affordable for most northern Europeans.

Majorca’s largest misconception is that it is known as being one of the biggest rowdy holiday resorts; but the high rise development is found mostly in the well-known, popular Bay of Palma and in some resorts on the east coast.
The island’s diversity and average of 300 sunny days a year, with mild winters and scorching hot summers and plenty of sandy beaches provides enough evidence why there is an increase of the number of people prepared to invest in Spain.

If you are seriously considering Buying in Spain, one of your objectives should include – to source as much information as possible to make your process of looking for villas for sale, buying the villa, to any documentation mysteries to be resolved. There are more detailed articles on related subjects in the article index section. Books on property and related topics could also be useful for your project. There is nothing worse than coming across pitfalls that could end your search or process of buying abroad – a disaster.