Endeavouring to venture into a self build property is not an easy task and can well be initially intimidating and further down the field, it can be off-putting. Overall, the task is not simple but can be very productive and successful by comfortably researching the necessary areas that will help propel the project along. What people do not have knowledge about can easily feel somewhat daunting.

The main basic factors to take into consideration and should be well researched are listed below:

1) Finding Land
2) The Insurance
3) Finance
4) House Design

 Finding Land
• You will need to find out the best method for finding land – Land Agents can be of help. Further information will be required for finding land
• Once the plot of land is chosen, consider your methods for paying for it and also think about how you will finance the rest of your project. By acting slowly, there is always a possibility of losing the land you have chosen for your self build project
• It is best to research such facts prior to your search; this will inevitably allow you to move in an easy methodical manner

 The Insurance
• Insurance cover is required for all self build projects, this protects you and sub-contractors against any unforeseen complications. You must get self build insurance. The insurance will guide you on how to protect yourself from theft and any accidents that occur on site

 Finance
• Finance companies will cost the job you are about to embark upon, they should even be able to give you advice on mortgages or point you in the right direction for mortgage brokers. Most finance companies also deal with VAT

 House Design
• There is great freedom in knowing you can design your own home, however, if you are unsure there are possibilities that you can view custom design portfolios that can help you along

• The home design for your self build project needs to lean towards a sound design. This will inevitably give you a good beginning. These are very basic pointers that can help your research ideas, but you will undoubtedly need a more in-depth guide to home designs for self build, as well as any other factors mentioned