Property Maintenance Companies

Why would you hire Property maintenance companies …

1. Professional Pride:
Well-kept property portray to new or present clients you are conscientious about detail and that you are a true professional.

2. Peace of Mind:

Continuous training fetches knowledge and expertise. A genuine landscaper knows exactly what it takes to portray a perfectly healthy, well groomed property.

3. Property Care:

A professional will evaluate your site carefully.

4. Long-term maintenance:

Allows your ideas to come to life with a professional. They understand how to take care of your property throughout.

5. Investing in your future:

Wise business owners think about “return on investment.” Professional landscaping has a recovery value of 100-200%, therefore designing and maintaining a beautiful business property
pays you in personal satisfaction and in resale value in the future.

Property maintenance companies are aware that companies should not be left with simply an answering machine with only a cold tone to welcome potential clients.

There aim is to respond to requested services, voice-mails and e-mails usually on the same day or as soon as possible. Live staffers tend to ask more specific questions to customers, which ascertains who on the staff is best equipped to perform the work, and schedule that would create the most convenient time for a maintenance visit. Some staff are obliged in explaining to tenants the name of the maintenance staff who will be dispatched. Badges and uniforms help but tenants, like to know who to expect.

It is usually the lack of communication relating to delays in completing maintenance requests which often implies a problem will occur. Many property maintenance companies have even gone as far as to investing in maintenance software, MicroMain XM; this merged with all their accumulative communicative skills which provide evidence of professionals in this sector to continually strive for efficiency.

A Basic Guide: Commercial and Residential Property Maintenance Services Usually provide …

Lawn Services
• Lawn cutting and trimming
• Aeration
• De-thatching
• Over-seeding
• Slice seeding
• Lawn fertilization programs
• Lawn soil testing and analysis

Seasonal Services
• Spring clean-up
• Fall clean-up
• Leaf removal and mulching

Landscape Services
• Landscape design, installation, maintenance and restoration
• Landscape mulch installation
• Double ground wood mulch
• Pine bark mulch
• Plain and coloured stone
• Large and small brick chips
• Landscape soil testing and analysis
• Tree and shrub installation
• Annual and perennial installation
• Ground cover installation
• Tree trimming and pruning
• Tree removal
• Topsoil delivery
• Compost delivery

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Property Maintenance Companies

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