Mortgage Brokers negotiate with lenders on competitive terms that are not available to the general public; it is their occupation that the best deal is negotiated to suit your needs. Brokers are able to do a lot more than save you money.

Source the best mortgage broker that is appropriate for you. Most professionals in the property industry show their commitment to customers as it is necessary. Responsibilities include mortgage brokers liaising with accountants, chasing solicitors and commissioning valuations, which is all a part of the package.

If this is your first time with having little or no experience with mortgage brokers – please remember that most reputable mortgage brokers comply to a code.

The role of The Mortgage Code Compliance Board (Mortgage Board) is to ensure that you are fully informed and adequately protected when taking out a mortgage. We recommend that you read through the Mortgage code before progressing and making any applications.

The Mortgage Code:

This is the latest version of the mortgage code. When you are ready to apply or make enquiries about a mortgage, remember all reputable lenders follow the mortgage code of practice. Don’t go to a lender that doesn’t follow the mortgage code.

The ‘Code’ is followed by lenders and mortgage intermediaries in their relations with personal customers in the United Kingdom. Why is the code used?… It sets standards of good mortgage lending practice, thus followed as a minimum by those subscribing to it. As a voluntary Code, it allows competition and market forces to operate to encourage higher standards for the benefit of all the customers.

The standards of the Code are encompassed in the 10 key commitments. These commitments apply to the conduct of business for all mortgage products and services provided to customers by lenders and mortgage intermediaries.

The Code provides valuable safeguards for customers. It should help them understand how lenders and mortgage intermediaries are expected to deal with them.

The Mortgage Code Compliance Board also monitors compliance by lenders and mortgage intermediaries. Overseas the Code is reviewed from time to time.