Most are buying into the property market, and have been doing so for a while. However, today investing in plots of land for sale is just as simple but possibly a better hassle free alternative. The difference is when one is buying a property it would involve a higher initial outlay, more than buying land. Then there are the further costs for maintenance before an investorwill see any returns. On the other hand, there is a smaller outlay for land – the maintenance costs would be little or none. An additional benefit would be that one can clearly buy the land and leave it alone, and the investor could still gain a high rise in its value unlike buying property.

Buying plots of land for sale in England is receiving attention in its increasing popularity, which could be due to scarcity of land availability. However, the interest in many investors including tester investors – are not simply looking for land for sale in England alone. The popularity of Land Investment is manifesting worldwide. As we all know the location is vital, but the availability of plots internationally that has also increased spoils one for choice.

Land for sale is available on the flat lands of the Balvine Estate, Picard in the north of Dominica; 14 Residential Lots are proudly being presented.

The location has claim to calm tranquillity that gives one the opportunity to enjoy a quality of life beyond your wildest dreams. Land for sale in the north of Dominica holds breath-taking views, an essence of serenity and also offering safe mooring for boats.

It is an opportunity for developers not to miss; land for sale in an area where so many rich fruits are being offered all at once… This seven acre area sits a mile inland and about 250 feet above sea level. It offers wonderful west facing view over Prince Rupert’s Bay, one of the Caribbean’s finest natural harbours. The east view is just as breathtaking with Mourne Balvine rising majestically to over 800 feet. There is an abundance of truly amazing wildlife…

Portsmouth (the second largest town in Dominica) is only two miles away and has everything you would expect – including schools, banks, shops, churches and a hospital. Additionally, there are several builders’ merchants…Both Canefield and Melville Hall airports are only 20 miles away, with a total of 1,000 students, professors and administration staff, which has made this part of the island much sought-after.
Investing in countries worldwide including Dominica is a fast awareness not in developers alone.