Licensed Conveyancers are specialist professional property lawyers, trained and qualified in all aspects of dealing with the law in regards to property and also of a property conveyance.

In other words, the ownership transfers of a house, plot of land, or an apartment from one person, or entity, to another party is known as ‘conveyancing’. The licensed conveyancer may act in transfers for the buyers, sellers and mortgage lenders.

What Is The Role of The Conveyancer:

A licensed conveyancer’s responsibility could well extend to the arranging of mortgages and re-mortgages, also they can offer mortgage advice to the potential purchaser. If this is your first time – do not become concerned. Remember if the conveyancer is licensed then the professional will be regulated by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers.

All licensed conveyancers that offer
services to the public sector will always carry ‘professional indemnity insurance’. They will also take responsibility in contributing to the profession’s compensation fund which will protect clients in the event of fraudulent or less than honest actions. This in itself allows clients to be confident if they used licensed conveyancers, as it provides evidence for clients that their financial position is secured at all times.

(Note: Professional Indemnity Insurance – this simply is an act that was passed which states that this policy protects their clients in any event of errors or omissions.)

Commisioners For Oath:

Finally, any documents, including those that are unconnected with the transfer of the property, requires the documents to be sworn under oath, a licensed conveyancer is able to deal with this matter on your behalf. Since, all licensed conveyancers are able to administer an oath or affirmation and take an affidavit as well as a declaration.