Bungalows are small houses or cottages, single storey and sometimes have an additional attic story. ‘Bungalow’ signifies a type of house, deriving from the word ‘Bangla’ from 1676 – literally meaning a house in the ‘Bengal’ style. Such houses traditionally built as one storey thatched homes with a wide veranda in India.

Bungalows are a one-storey homes; generally known to be small in terms of square footage, however, it is not uncommon to find very large bungalows. The advantage to why bungalows were originally designed was for the effect of providing affordable, modern houses for the working class.

A variety of the types of bungalows available include raised bungalows, which have basements with partially above the ground, allowing additional light to enter. Also there are those bungalows that branch away from its original definition by adding extra levels to it, these would include lofts and half levels.

There is the variety of small, early twentieth century style, comprising of a 1-storey house which has an open or an enclosed front porch.

List Of Advantages – Bungalows For Sale:

• Bungalows are very convenient – all living areas are on a single story and there are no stairs between the living areas
• It is easy to convert it so that there is exceptional wheelchair accessibility
• Bungalow neighbourhoods offer more privacy
• Usually there are strategically planted tress and shrubs which are generally sufficient to block the views from neighbours
Cost and Space Issues:

• Bungalows are more expensive to construct in terms of per unit area basis (Example: per square foot or per square metre) in comparison to two storey houses because larger foundation and roof area require for the same living area
• Larger foundations are usually translated into larger lot size requirements
• Bungalows with brick walls have windows positioned high and right to the roof to avoid special arches or lintels which support the brick wall above the windows
• Ranch bungalows are organised so the bedrooms are on one side and ‘public’ areas, such as kitchen, living rooms are on one side
• Ranch bungalows with an attached garage would mean the garage would be positioned so that it is on the public side of the house, so that there is a possibility of having a direct entrance to the house – that is if this is allowed by the legislation
• With the organisation of narrow lots where public areas are positioned at the front of the house – would not be known as ‘ranch’ bungalows. Also, typically these houses would be often smaller and contains only 2 bedrooms in the back

List of other types:
Raised Bungalow

Ultimate Bungalow
American Craftsman Bungalow
Bungalow With Loft

Brief Summary:

When looking for bungalows for sale, be sure to understand what type of bungalow interests you, consider factors such as country, specific location and specifications of the bungalow that meet your primary objectives.