Building Regulations Approval

 Getting Building Regulations Approval – General Information:

• Whether you choose using Building Control services of a Local Authority or an Approved Inspector will determine the method of obtaining the approval

• Approved Inspector: this choice should progress by speaking to them about how they would like you to engage with them. Together you should jointly notify the Local Authority about the location of the building work that would be carried out, and, notify them that the Approved Inspector will be carrying out the building control function for the work. This actual notification is known as an ‘Initial Notice’

• Local Authority: this choice allows you to progress by following the procedures that are already set out in the Building Regulations. Some of the procedures will relate to pre-site procedures and others relate to procedures once the work is underway on site

 Making An Application:

• To make an application you need to be aware that there are two choices of the application available: Full Plans, or, Building Notice Application. The Building Notice Route is not applicable in all circumstances. If there is any doubt please contact the Building Control directly for advice on: 01322 343 238

• Drainage Implications: If proposed work is located over or near to a public sewer, a Building Notice will not be accepted; thus, a Full Plans application will be necessary. Ensure whether your proposal will effect a public sewer by contacting: Thames Water Ltd, or, Southern Water Ltd, or, Building Control on: 01322 343 238 – prior to submitting your Building Notice application

• The Building Notice Route: This route is the alternative to submitting a Full Plans Application. The difference between these two methods is that this particular route will not require the submission of detailed plans. The only requirements for submission will be the Building Notice Application form and a scaled site location plan

• The Full Plans Route: Advantages of using this method – once plans are approved you can receive an Approval Notice. Your builder is able to carry out work consistent to your drawings without any concerns of contravention from the regulations during the building process. Once all the works are completed on site, you will in turn, receive a Completion Certificate

• Factors To Remember: (1) Whatever the choice of your application method, once the building work is underway, it is normal practice for a Building Control Officer to make visits at various stages to ensure and check that the building regulations are met. Once works are completed, a Completion Certificate will be issued.

• Factors To Remember: (2) Once the building Regulations application has been received, you are given three years to start the building work. After this duration, you will need to re-apply.

• Factors To Remember: (3) If you require Planning Permission then you will need to make a separate application.