Building Control with most local authoritarian areas in UK – all relatively have the same objectives and methods by which they conform by.

 Building Control:

• Provisions of services which ensure safe construction and condition of all types of buildings within the area
• This enables alleviating protecting those using the buildings in regards to health and safety

 Building Control Service:

• Checks are made to ensure that new building works meet the standards of the Building Regulations
• Building Regulations Approval is the method by which checks are carried out to ensure buildings are built to these standards
• If you want to carry out any building works, it is your responsibility to investigate whether the Building Regulations apply. If this is the case, then you must apply for Building Regulations Approval
• If, however, you are concerned about the safety of a privately owned building, please contact Building Control directly on: 01322 343 238 (Dartford Area)

 Surveying Services:

• Provisions are made for a full range of building surveying services to the Council and other clients
• These include: having emergency officers available at all times for surveying any dangerous buildings and structures; to make sure demolition work is carried out safely and that it does not damage the environment and includes advice to contractors, clients and professionals; advice is given on means of escape on case of fire and access for the disabled in both Residential and Commercial buildings; advice is given on safety at sports grounds and other such similar events

 Householder Services:

• Provisions of advice are made for those considering or already have submitted a building regulation application
• There is a possibility that your project may require planning permission, in this case it is vital that you check whether this applies to you prior to submitting a building regulation application

 Commercial and Special Projects:

• Competent provisions of professional Building Regulation service to building project teams within the construction industry are made
• The commitment of their services is shown by the encouragement they give for you to involve them in your project team at the earliest stages of your process. This will enable advice to be given to you at pre-tender, design and construction phases of the scheme
• In turn, an experienced Building Control Surveyor would be designated to collaborate with you and overlook your project, the said surveyor would also be able to produce associated reports and assist through the Building Regulations and associated legislation processes
• The technical experience is gained over years of dealing with all building types and designs in the area
• Possibilities of Offering (depending on Council areas – what is being offered can differ): Early pre-application advice from earliest stages of project design; Facilitation of meetings between other Council Departments and Kent Fire Service, and yourself; Site meetings can be arranged around your schedule; Receipt of any electronic plans; Negotiable fees; Value for money.