It is a myth when everyone states the old adage saying: ‘It is the builders fault!’

Sarah Beeny agrees confiding that more often than not it is the client who is the problem not the builder.

“Vague verbal instructions that are not backed up with drawings result in the builder having to second guess what the client wants. Inevitably the builder will sometimes guess wrongly and this will result in an angry client. People talk about difficult builders but I think there are just as many – if not more – difficult clients.” Sarah Beeny.

If you are considering contracting builders for a project whether it is for commercial or residential purposes, you need to take into account if they belong to an association or have a seal of approval on their logos.

FMB MasterBond builders are known to be the largest scheme in Trustmark. If you are endeavouring to contract builders to a project, it is best to know of any seals of approval attached to their logos which they may belong to.

The FMB logo appears on many vehicles which already recognised as a sure sign of quality. They have been given the seal of approval by TrustMark, this is the government’s new consumer protection initiative. Trustmark is known to alleviate clients in sourcing for reliable, trustworthy trade’s people for the purpose of home improvements and repairs.

Additionally, it is important to bear in mind that all contracts drawn up for builders should be clear and concise. Recent research shows that the increase of problems with building projects stem from contracts that do not outline the exact requirements. FMB provide a free of charge contract, which can be easily downloaded from their website that can be used for any building project. Hopefully, we will be seeing less problems with building projects in the near future.