Property Project Managers


Property project managers are known as property professionals; those who are linked in the property industry by their profession. It is a specialist field with numerous responsibilities which requires skill and precise coordination.


Property project managers are contracted by clients whom they are to act as representative to. The client usually appoints the professional to plan and control a large, complex project and to coordinate the building team through all the stages from design to construction. The profession’s objective is to provide this service to save time and costs. Additionally, property project managers are sort after for their advice on the project or simply for building consultancy. This is a huge responsibility in itself. The diversification of responsibilities briefly described below will give you an insight into their role as part of the property professionals in the industry.

Companies That Participate In Project And Building


Companies that usually have a group of property professionals on board are able to move more quickly from project to project. The project and building team would be committed to maintaining and enhancing the company’s respected position amongst the construction consultants so that they could provide a high quality of innovative and cost-effective services in the continually changing market, striving to meet clients’ objectives.

The professional building consultancy is valued for their advice in the industry and it alone provides evidence of its ever increasing importance in developments and management of all building types, including within commercial, industrial and even residential sectors.

Large companies that attain a team of professionals, including property project managers, they usually show themselves to be a part of multi-disciplinary practice. This would be an advantage as it simply means that the company strives to provide a balance of advice across a full span of building disciplines.

Many of these companies include a range of key services. I have listed a few below:-

List of Key Services:

Architectural and Structural
Building Conservation, Listed and Historic Building Advice
Building Construction, Alterations and Refurbishments
Building Surveys
CDM Regulations – Acting as PlanningSupervisor and Client’s Agent
Condition Surveys
Construction Feasibility Studies
Construction Technical Advice
Defects Analysis, Expert Witness and Building Disputes

This article was aimed to give those less experienced in the property industry a better understanding about a profession that is clearly important.