Land Investment

“The Government wants the number of homes built each year to increase by a third, from an average of 150,000 to 200,000…” Rt. Hon. John Prescott.

What exactly are developers marketing – land investment, a better future, or meeting the threats of the Government in fear of the Council Tax rise?… With the demand for housing continually increasing, it seems there has never been a better opportunity in looking at land as a serious investment opportunity.

In recent years land investment has become an increasingly valuable commodity due to the basic rules of economics – supply and demand.
The government predicted the population in UK will increase by 7.2 million people by 2030. The question is where will these people live? Is investment of land the answer?

The Government is already facing a crisis in housing. There is a massive shortfall in the availability of affordable homes, particularly in the South East of England. In order to redress the balance, the Government has laid out targets for millions of homes to be built, but there is a problem…there is not enough land available to meet the targets. In fact there is only enough designated land to fulfil 60% of the number of homes required. There seems to be no alternative but to release substantial areas of land that are currently not earmarked for development.

Developers, Pension Companies, and The Church have been very much aware of the land potential for many years and have purchased strategic land throughout the United Kingdom at low prices, then selling when their land had been designated for building projects.

Most private investors do not have the capital to buy large plots of land. Even if they did, the timescales involved together with the required expertise are prohibitive. At this stage, many companies involved in developing are utilising the situation and beginning to offer opportunities to take advantage of a very affordable stake in the future, inevitably allowing investors to see the potential through marketing, enabling them to profit from strategic land ownership.
It is under claimed orthodox criteria that these companies are purchasing strategic land, which in turn is sectioned into affordable plots. Each investor is able to choose and to take full advantage of 3 or 4 plots.

Land investment from Greenbelt to Major Housing sites has become the next progressive step. In 2002 planning permission was granted for a new development in Slough, this investment site has now been completed.
Planning permissions needed to be granted by both Slough Borough and Windsor and Maidenhead Councils, which have successfully been secured on behalf of Bryant Homes. On this former Green Belt site 350 dwellings have been estimated. The outcome of a hugely successful investment after 10 years of promotional work, which included appearances at Berkshire Structure Plan Examination in Public and Slough Borough Local Plan Inquiry, construction on the site is now complete.

Land is the future.