Holiday Homes For Sale

It always strikes me that when people start their hunt for looking in earnest for holiday homes for sale, they will consider chalets, and villas for sale, most types of the ‘original’ homes for sale but perhaps not very diverse; believing in the conventional holiday property for sale does not mean that what has not been thought of is not quite so new.

Have you ever considered
log homes as part of your search for holiday homes for sale? Did you know that there are Norwegian Log holiday homes for sale in many locations even around the UK?

Some of these interesting developments offer excellent facilities and give easy access to activities such as golf, walking, swimming, sailing and more. The undeniable comfort and quality of a Log holiday home is an experience.

The log homes assail one with questions simply because most do not consider that this type of home could offer anything in comparison to the average,
conventional house.

What Is the Mystery Surrounding Log homes?

There is no mystery. The special properties of wood help to bring your ideas to life whether it is an office at home or a grandparent annexe at the bottom of your garden or a holiday home.

The Solid log constructions are renowned for their excellent capacity for storing thermal energy; thus, heat becomes trapped in its mass cellular structure. This will allow it to act as a natural insulator; effectively retarding transfer of heat, cold and sound, maintaining comfortable temperatures all year round. Some companies keep 200mm thick logs which have a U-Value of 0.27 W/m²Kº. With the roof and floor values also have superb insulation qualities, why would log homes not be a priority in your search for holiday homes for sale.

Solid wood is the best insulation in the world.

The types of log homes available are numerous in their design build. Many examples of log homes built with traditional mannerism can be seen even in the UK. The quality of log homes is fabulous; over 100 years after construction these homes have endured some of the harshest environments in the world without a creek or murmur – standing totally undisturbed in its magnificence. Log homes have been known to be built in Siberia and Northern Scandinavian countries. This should give you a fair idea on how long a log home could last.

Most log cabins are made to the highest possible standard from the very region of Russia where they know what it takes. So you can expect a life time warranty on your log home as holiday homes for sale.