It is vital to make distinctions between an Interior Architect Designer, formerly known as an Interior Designer, and an Architect. As a developer or non-developer a variety of professional services could be required for a project. The Education of the Architect written by Vitruvius, belies all hope that understanding what the architect does would be one straightforward list.

Architects are those professionals who design and supervise construction of buildings. Starting with the brief the client has provided, the services of an architect includes feasibility studies at the start, looking at development of a suitable scheme, then preparation of contract documents and the calling for tenders. After the contract is signed, supervision includes site inspections before issuing each certificate, and chairing the site meeting, which is often on the same day.

In UK the title ‘registered architect’ should be used only by those who have studied at university degree level, mainly in design and building construction, but also building law, mechanical and electrical services, fine arts, professional practice, etc. and who meet the requirements of the Architect’s Registration Board of the United Kingdom (ARCUK). Other countries similarly have requirements that are not much different.

There are numerous independent practices; the type of architect required would depend upon the needs and objectives of any one project…

James Campbell Architects and Environmental is a company typically based on the statement above. To help one make a choice, it is simpler to look at what the requirements are for your project and synchronously to see if their objectives are in conjunction with yours. List their company facts in simple terms for your overall perusal, as I have done below:

James Campbell Architects and Environmental – Objectives:

• Policies, partnership and Technologies – increasing resources efficiency
• Adopting energy and Environmental best practice
• Energy efficiency and sustainability – through modern design concepts
• Building environmentally friendly structures – cost effective

About James Campbell Architects and Environmental:

Founded in 1984, based in Craigearn, near Kemnay, the firm gained a wide range of experience throughout UK marketplace covering a broad base of architectural and environmental projects. Specialising in energy and environmental design and is contracted to carrying out building research based upon establishment consultancy work.

The company team are responsible for the full design, technical, environmental, planning and development support – fully backed with Mr Campbells support (Chartered Architect, National Energy Services Assessor, BRE/BRESCU Consultant).

After checking for similarities – making contact will be your last point of call. It is efficient and advantageous to do your homework first, so as to avoid pitfalls or realising this company is not for you…

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