PainSmith Solicitors

About Being In Safe Hands…

PainSmith was founded by Steven Pain and Marveen Smith to work more closely with clients and to provide a personal level of service unmatched by other firms. In dealing with PainSmith, clients can be confident that they have immediate access to a principal of the practice, or another member of the Team with whom they have forged a close working relationship.

PainSmith currently has 5 fee earners. Each fee earner maintains a close working relationship with their portfolio of clients and all strive to understand the business of individual clients and the way in which we interface with the client’s organisation. Since all of our fee earners work in the same field they are able to support each other.

We give strong advice where necessary based upon our professional skill and judgment.

We will counsel you against any course of action which in our opinion would be ill-advised for legal or commercial reasons. Where possible we offer solutions to problems through lateral thinking.

Services provided by PainSmith Solicitors include the following:

Deposit Disputes
Drafting Contracts
Court Proceedings
Advice Line
Other Services